Animal Jam is a free, virtual and fun game set up by National Geographic and Smart Bomb Interactive,. It is free to join up to Animal Jam. Animal Jam is commonly known as AJ. You can add buddies,send Jam-a-grams, trade with Jammers, play games and many more. The main currency is gems and the second main currency being diamonds. Gems can be earned by playing games throughout Jamaa. Diamonds are the second main currency in Jamaa, and only members can get it. It is unlikely to get a diamond in the Daily Gem Bonus. There has also been rumours about turning white completely and dancing round the Arctic Wolf statue, but that rumour unfortunately is not true. Members can get a diamond each week every Tuesday. Animal Jam is a safe game, however, there is scammers in AJ, so be careful. Joining Animal Jam is free, however, becoming a member isn't. It costs real paid money. With a membership you can do so many other things, like adopting other pets, and much more! A key represents if the Jammer is a member.

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