• Feistyyy

    Animal Jam Fun!

    April 24, 2018 by Feistyyy

    Hiya everyone!

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  • Xerdaze


    February 1, 2018 by Xerdaze


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  • Madalyn111

    their was a god named zios he got lonely so he created a bird named mira zios and mira fell in love so zios created more animals in animaljam one day zios got captured by the phantoms and pushed him in a portal all that was left behind was his mask. miranwas so sad she cried her tears became phantoms that is how phantoms came to animaljam.

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  • Gamera Kay Soup

    Hey Jammers!

    April 13, 2017 by Gamera Kay Soup

    Hey Jammers Gamera Soup Here And I Would Like To Say That I Love Animal Jam And Just Started A While Ago. (Actually About A Year Ago.. >x

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  • FireFlows

    Admin rights.

    February 3, 2017 by FireFlows

    I'd like to have admin rights so I could make this wiki a good place. I want this wiki to grow, and I think I'd be an wonderful admin, removing every comment that has cuss words in it and making it a wonderful place again.

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  • Mal and evie101


    August 29, 2015 by Mal and evie101

    hey guy's it's me so hope you check my page out :) 

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  • Beccacookie10212

    Ha Ha Ha for this go to the daily explorer im to tired to write

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  • Animal Jammer Opinions

    Hello! And some of you guys know that the new animal is a polar bear! If you don't know where to get them you can bu them at the diamond shop. Well comparing to the cheetah and the snow leapord, seal and the otter,and now the polar bear and the pandas. now there is a POLAR BEAR!? Hmmm... Their moves are pretty odd. Polar bears building snow mans out of nowhere. Frowns when thrown. Lol. I say that's funny. Polar bears are fater than pandas o.0 XD Dem polar bears rockz. Whyz AJz makez itz likez thez pandaz? XD too many Zs :P You can also buy your very own polar bearz petz! Rockin! Oh, and don't forget tlog in everyday for Jamaaliday gifts! Seez yaz! >:D

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  • Animal Jammer Opinions

    I just wanna know for you guys to read my book on story wikia! It's called "Virual Dream- Attack on Evil Turtle" So I just want you to go on story wikia and read it! Bai!

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  • Animal Jammer Opinions

    Hai! I just want to lt you know to read 1 of my stories on story wikia! I'd be happy if you would read it :)

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  • Fruit778

    Hello jammers I'm back and there is a new animal.I think it's a polar bear.clue:it says Lisa took a picture of it in a snowstorm. Are u with me??? Comment in the comment box bye jammers remember keep jamming!!!!

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  • RosieLoveAJ

    Joined Today!

    October 19, 2014 by RosieLoveAJ

    I just joined today and I am excited to contribute to wikias and I hope I do some help!

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  • XxX-Roseluck-xXx

    Hello to each and one of you Jammers who are reading this blog! This is the admin who first adopted this wiki here, and I just wanted to clarify something important about the Jamming Blogs, the blogs made for you to make an opinion about the subject. As an admin, obviously an administrator has to be active, along with moderating the wiki properly, and take care of recent vandalism that happened on the wiki, and so much other tasks that an experienced user needs. Admins have to be an experienced users before they become admins; the main skills to become an admin are to edit regularly and make productive edits, create as many new pages as you can and work really hard. It usually takes time to become an admin. I have been inactive for the tim…

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  • Cutie Mark

    Hello, Jamming Blogs haven't been written in a while. So I'll today write a blog! Today, the Jamming Blog's topic's........

    What do you think about Diamonds? What do you think? Do you think it should be earned more often? Do you think there should be free ways of getting diamonds? Do you wish diamonds were available for non members too?, e.g.

    I think diamonds should be earned more often. You can rarely get them in the Daily Spin, I got 3 diamonds from it. I think there should be more free ways, though. Now.....


    leave a comment.......


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  • Cutie Mark

    Heya! Jamming blogs are here again guys. I hope you had excellent ideas for the last blog. Our topic is:

    If you were the creator of Animal Jam, what places would you make?

    Include all details. I would make a jungle (not so wild!) and it would have the game Falling Phantoms and Spider Zapper.

    Jammers, comment below and think your own unique ideas! Be creative! :D

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  • Cutie Mark

    Jamming-Part 3

    March 29, 2014 by Cutie Mark

    The Jamming blog hasn't been written for a while. :P This week, I'm going to do the Jamming blog. So we've introduced our users, thought of changes of what can be tweaked (added) to Animal Jam. I've saw that non-members need a bird animal. I strongly agree with this, because the eagles have been annoying some of the users, and the non members yet can't get an eagle. I hope soon the Animal Jam HQ'll do this. Anyways, this topic for this week's blog is...

    If you could make any animal in Animal Jam, what would it be?

    Include details. How much would it cost? What animal? Non member or member? Would it cost diamonds? If so, how much diamonds? What would its dance moves be? Could it unlock a passage in an adventure?

    To be honest, I want a falcon on…

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  • XxX-Roseluck-xXx

    This wiki needs more admins, chat moderators and rollbacks. You need a wikia account though. If you want to be an admin, chat moderator or rollback comment below.

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  • The Ninja Master

    Hi! Here's my blogs again! So this time, after you've introduced your user, we are going to discuss Animal Jam improvements! What would you like improved about Animal Jam? What would you like added to Animal Jam? Jammers, comment below!

    Happy Jamming!

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  • XxX-Roseluck-xXx

    What is your favourites (favorite) in Animal Jam? Comment below in the comments.

    My favorite underwater game: Splash and Dash

    My favorite game:Falling Phantoms

    My favorite animal: fox, seal

    What are your favorites?

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  • The Ninja Master


    February 27, 2014 by The Ninja Master

    Hi Jammers and users! In the comments, tell us a bit about your animal. For example

    I am a non member. I have a turtle and monkey. My username on AJ is put your username here. Add me!

    Have fun jamming Jammers, users and players!


    I will do some of these blogs every week or so.

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  • Alli6173


    December 31, 2013 by Alli6173

    hey guys! i was just wandering around on websites on my computer when i found this! i tried posting a few things then it said i have to sign up! so i did! this makes me so happy! to post things online! and talk to other ppl online! well have a great day!

    this is the list of the ppl im a huge fan of on animal jam:




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  • Anakin Jared

    There is another AJ wiki that is more secured and safe. (No offense)

    No Contributors are allow to edit there and has more admins and info.

    Once again no offense.

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  • Stonejake

    Hey everyone! i really really want a red rhino plushie. I will trade any other four itiems in the game for it! If you have a red rhino plushie commont and say your username and what four itiems in the game you want it for! My username is : Stonejake. And my chacters name is : General Grandrhino. And my species is : Rhino.

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  • Phantomday

    Animal Jam newspaper

    June 19, 2012 by Phantomday

    The first one is a photo of the coral canyons store. I use to have the vases but i gave them to jesse41341. He's a cool friend! :)

    This second one is the first Jamma journal with members! Right after the beta everyone had memberships, there wasn't one person without one. That's it for now my username is phantomday! Trade me or just add me :D

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  • Peterjon Peralta

    Hello there my name is Peterjon Peralta and im going tell you about my animal jam profile.First of all my username is pjj789.Of course i won't tell you my password, but i am also a club member and currently working on collecting rare plushies.But so far i haven't had any luck :(

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