Chomper plant is a plant found normally in Animal Jam Adventures. It, along side the Boom Seed, is a weapon to use against the Phantoms. Liza mentioned The Chomper Plant is created by Cosmo.


Unlike Boom Seeds, Chomper Plants are a stationary weapon. Players' need to get the Phantom near it. Once a phantom touches it, it will swiftly snap like Venus Fly Traps and will trap the phantom inside it. It can be used only once. Once it snaps a phantom, its 'jaw' will remain closed for the rest of the adventure. Trapping a Phantom inside it will reward players' 5 courage (XP) and reward every player 25 gems for each defeated Phantom. Phantoms can pollute the Chomper Plants by polluting rivers. If they are writhed, players' can revive them by plugging the Phantom pipe and getting well water to watering them.

Image writhedplant

To trap Phantoms, run away from the Phantoms and stand near the Chomper Plants, then the Phantoms will get trapped.

Image vft
Image wcp

Watering a Chomper Plant