Image diamondonemonthmembership

4 Diamonds received after buying a month's membership.

Diamonds are the second main currency in Jamaa. Diamonds used to only be available to members, but they are now obtainable by non-members via the Daily Spin. Diamonds are also earned automatically when buying a membership. Animal Jam offers 10 Instant Diamonds to Jammers who buy a 3 month long membership for 15.99$, 25 Instant Diamonds to Jammers who buy a 6 month long membership for 29.95$ and 60 Instant Diamonds to Jammers who buy a 12 month long membership for 57.95$. Members will also receive a free weekly diamond every Tuesday. The third way to get Diamonds is through buying a Diamonds Gifts Certificate in the in Animal Jam Outfitters. There are currently three different Diamonds Gifts. 10 Diamonds cost 9.95$, 25 Diaf\fsgrgramonds cost 19.95$ and lastly there's the Play Wild Pack that offers 5 Diamonds, 10,000 Gems along with five wristbands for the current price of 19.95$. Diamonds can be used for purchasing items in the Diamond Shop.


  • Before non-members were able to obtain diamonds, it was rumoured that non-members could get diamonds if you turned your animal completely white and danced inside the Diamond Shop, the Arctic Wolf Statue would smash into pieces and give out free diamonds, however, this was proven to be nothing more than a myth.