Animal Jam codes can be found in Animal Jam magazines. Here are a few codes. Type the way exactly how you see them. Don't know how to insert a code? Then when you put your username and password, click the box 'I have a code!' and then press play.

wildlunch 800
funnyfox 750
adorableotter 750
fuzzytiger 750
cheerycheetah 750
swiftdeer 750
livelylynx 750
playfulpanda 750
wiseowl 750
poshpig 750
slowsloth 750
sneakycougar 750
clevercoyote 750
fastfalcon 750
wileywolf 750
luckyllama 750
(Add code here)! ???
billygoat 750
touchytoucan 750
dashingdolphin 750
lovablelemur 750
loudlion 750
sillyseal 750
supersheep 750
curiousraccoon 750
cuddlykoala 750
happyhyena 750
jammerjoey 750
coolpolarbear 750
snowyleopard 750
downyfriend 1000

Diamond codes

There are no diamonds codes at the moment.

The page will be updated when the codes expire or when there is new codes. Leave a code in the comments below and if the codes work they may appear here.