Jamaa Derby is a multiplayer game with 6 players. You can get to it from Jamaa Township or from the Sol Arcade.

How to Play

When you start the game, all 6 horses run up to the starting line. Once they are all there, the words "Ready" "Set" and "Go!" Appear on the screen. At "Go", all of the horses automatically start running. Your goal is to get to the finish line at the far right before any other horse. You must also jump over obsitcals on the path including mud, water, and hay stacks. Click to jump. You can also click the carrots at the bottom of the screen for a boost in speed, but you only have 3 carrots.

Ranking and Rewards

First place wins a blue ribbon and 100 gems.

Second place wins a red ribbon and 75 gems.

Third place wins a yellow ribbon and 50 gems.

Fourth place wins a white flag and 40 gems.

Fifth place wins a pink flag and 30 gems.

Sixth place wins a green flag and 25 gems.

Note that if two horses come in at about the same time, they will tie in placement.

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