Liza (also known as Lisa) is one of the Animal Jam Alphas. Liza is the Panda Bear Shama Alpha, who helped the Alphas destroy the Phantoms. She is a very well-known character in Animal Jam, and is the Alpha who has made the most appearances in Animal Jam. She has appeared in most Adventures, New Jammers and many more. When you are new, Liza explains what you can do in Jamaa.

Image liza

She wears blue earrings, a blue skirt, bracelets, some bags with emeralds on around her waist and holds a magic stick. Her hair is tied up with a pink hair bubble. On her right foot, she wears a ring and a band tied on it. Liza is a trusted animal and was recruited by Mira to defeat the Phantoms.


Liza is friends with the other five Alphas. She stands up for Jamaa and shows what she can do. Liza wants Jamaa to be a peaceful place, and make sure the Phantoms. She will always do tasks herself and with the other five Alphas.