Glitched Princess Necklace

so one day i was minding my own business then i got a notification that someone had sent me a jamagram. so of course, like anyone else would, i opened it. what i found was quite odd, and i should've took a screenshot. i had a jamagram that was all white and loading, it had a gift sent from someone who had no username. i ended up opening this gift and after a while, i got a princess necklace. i was kinda upset with the disappointing gift and i put it on trade. then after a bit of walking around, i got some insane trades for it! people tried trading headdresses and spikes! i was really confused and i clicked decline. someone went to my den and told me the necklace i had was a very rare glitched version of the princess necklace, apparently its color is very slightly altered from the original, and is often mistaken for the original.

im kinda confuzzled and apparently its new, so.. i dont know what to do. my username is stormfleck4ever, and my email you could also reach me at is im either looking for a purple long rare collar, or any headdress for this necklace. or if you have a good offer, no betas! please, i hate getting attention and i wanna get rid of this, also wondering what the worth is, anyways, please contact meh if u have an offer!