The King Phantom is the king of the Phantoms. He is the mightiest and powerful out of them all. He is very big, and it is said that he created the species. He has made several appearances throughout Jamaa. In the Phantom portal, he was using a portal to go through and destroy in Jamaa;in The Hive adventure, you had to defeat him. When the King Phantom slams, and his zapping power is gone, you can use Boom Seeds to defeat him. Some Jammers believed that he wouldn't come back again because he was defeated by the Alphas. Also, in the Hive adventure, he has two tentacles instead of eight. The King Phantom has the loudest and deepest voice of them all. His one and only dream is to rule Jamaa. It is said that he created Phantoms, to help him rule Jamaa. It is said that the real creator of phantoms is the mythical king of demon phantoms.

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