Hello! And some of you guys know that the new animal is a polar bear! If you don't know where to get them you can bu them at the diamond shop. Well comparing to the cheetah and the snow leapord, seal and the otter,and now the polar bear and the pandas. now there is a POLAR BEAR!? Hmmm... Their moves are pretty odd. Polar bears building snow mans out of nowhere. Frowns when thrown. Lol. I say that's funny. Polar bears are fater than pandas o.0 XD Dem polar bears rockz. Whyz AJz makez itz likez thez pandaz? XD too many Zs :P You can also buy your very own polar bearz petz! Rockin! Oh, and don't forget tlog in everyday for Jamaaliday gifts! Seez yaz! >:D
Image imagetwohamsteranimalnam

You can also buy your very own polar bearz pet!

Image ajdiamondsposter

You can buy them in the diamond shop

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